hihi so umm the scm music player can be a little annoying and break when you use youtube links, but i found a solution! (thank you reddit)

1. get your links!
  make sure you know what music you're going to put in there :)
2. youtube link to mp3 converter
  yep, you need to download all the links to your music. theres a lot of online converters you can use, but be careful of any suspisous ones. (ad blockers work wonders!)
3. upload to catbox!
  with catbox, your uploads are there forever and ever and stored with a link. they should come back looking like "https://files.catbox.moe/gibberish.mp3"
4. use catbox links in music player
  where the instructions say "insert youtube links," put your fancy catbox links instead! double check they work on the scm site before exporting to your site.
  lmk if this method doesn't work or if there's a faster way!!