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BREAKING NEWS!!               oshawott is the best starter!!             current news: parker doesnt want to do homework and just wants to make their neocities pretty               play persona!!
welcome to my site!!
howdy howdy, come on in! my name is parker and this is just a silly little site for all my interests and weird thoughts!! purely just for silliness and good times. if something here interests you, feel free to copy onto your own site!! <3
resources ive used!
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Poliwag Cursors (tut)
Music Player (tut)
Background Bubbles Animation
Scrollbar Maker + Rounded Scrollbar
Responsive Grids Tut
update log!
25/3/2024 - welcome box finally done!! index page may be finished for now, so i will start working on my other pages!!
21/3/2024 - added a silly footer and changed a few things here and there. about to get ready to make a navigation and proper about page!!
20/3/2024 - got rid of the mouse trail bc it was bothering me + it made the site laggy. making everything else pretty though, changed the borders and font! also added a oshawott header bc live laugh love best and cutest starter pokemon. idk what all im going to do with it yet, probably going to make a cool text header w the site name on it.
19/3/2024 - cleaned up the sidebar and added bubble mouse trail. super silly but lmk if its annoying!
18/3/2024 - can update my site in peace now that college testing has passed 🙏 almost cried tho when my css wasn't updating when i realized i had linked the wrong css to the index :( BUT WE HAVE PRETTY LINKS NOW YAYAYAYYA
12/3/2024 - FINALLY made the site responsive so now i can focus on making everything pretty!! im so happy with the layout, i hope by the end of the month i can get an about page up too!!
11/3/2024 - made a badge!! might animate it later w floating bubbles but for now im focusing on making the site responsive!! its going well so far, just gotta copy and paste formatting and stuff :)
10/3/2024 - added custom cursor, gifypet, basic layout, stamp marquee, and music player. was gonna add more until my computer decided to CRASH AND BURN AND DIE 🤬🤬
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